3D T-Rex Gaming PC - Customer's Product with price 150.00 ID 7A4uMl3vinkhvMMUGZexYmFP

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Select Your PC Case: 3D LED Design Only (You Supply Case)
Which do you need? 3D LED Design + Transparent Side Panel ($150) (150)
Enter Height (in inches) of removable side panel on your current case 0
Enter Length (in inches) of removable side panel on your current case 0
Select Transparent Panel Border Color Black Border
Add Backlights? No Synchronized Backlights ($0)
Keyboard No Keyboard
Mouse No Mouse
Headset No Headset
Monitor No Monitor
HDMI Cable No HDMI Cable
Mousepad No Mousepad
Surge Protector No Surge Protecter
Extension Cord No Extension Cord
External Hard Drive No External Hard Drive
Speakers No Speakers
Webcam No Webcam
Video Capture Card No Video Capture Card
(3 Pack) HDMI Cables No HDMI Cables
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