About Us

ShowcasePCs were born from the idea of turning the gaming PC itself into an art form as captivating, creative and engrossing as the games they are designed to play. 

We have created 100% unique, custom 3D and 4D designs that transform your PC into a work of art, and take your gaming experience to a new level.

We offer custom 3D and 4D PCs made from brand new parts as well as refurbished parts, allowing us to sell our unique PCs at a more affordable price point. We provide 3D and 4D cases alone if you prefer to build the PC yourself, as well as simple self-install kits to transform a normal PC into a stunning, color-changing 3D PC.

Choose from over 500 3D designs or upload your own design. Our artists and technicians will transform your 2D selection into an incredible color-changing 3D PC or case that will both perform and impress on your desktop.

Every PC is backed by our three-month warranty and all PCs are built by qualified technicians in our warehouse, located in Los Angeles, California. We take great pride in our unique PCs and welcome your feedback.

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime via our contact form, or call us at 929-224-0185.